Are all of the children orphans?
No. We support many children who are so destitute that their parents cannot afford basic school fees and often cannot afford even the basic necessities of life; such as: food, shoes, and medicine.
Can I communicate with the student I sponsor?
Yes. There will be a two-way communication process where you will receive personal updates and you may ask questions or send gifts. The communication process is designed to protect the student and has safeguards built in. However, if you are in Kenya and wish to meet the student you sponsor, you may join him or her at the school!
Do the students have HIV/AIDS?
Most do not. Even though a parent may have had AIDS very few of the students are HIV+; less than 1%.
Why are these children orphans?
The majority of the children are orphans due to the devastation caused by the AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa; however, some of them became orphaned due to car accidents or other diseases such as malaria and typhoid.


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