How Sponsorship Works

We encourage you to reach out today to help a child or teacher whose needs are great, but whose aspirations are even greater.

Here is how ..
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  Choose the person        (girl, boy or teacher)      you wish to sponsor.   

We will email the school with the wonderful news.  Your sponsored child/teacher will send you letters and pictures so you can follow them as they grow up.

The best part is YOU are making a difference in someone’s life. YOU are providing a life line for education.


           Sponsor A Child                  Sponsor A Teacher 

 More Information

•   Select the child that you wish to help.  You may select from this website (see links above) or contact us at sponsor@tucklets.orgThere are hundreds of other children that need your help.
•   Sponsorship for a child is $30 a month and $125 a month for a teacher.  You can set up reoccurring monthly payments thru paypal via this website or mail a check to the address shown under Contact Us. 
•    You will receive your pictures and story from Kenya as soon as possible.
•    Your child or teacher will hand-write you a letter. We will coordinate correspondence between the two of you if you wish to be pen pals.  
•    Each year you will get a letter and picture from your child or teacher so you can be part of their lives and watch their successes.
Sample letter from sponsored girl



How you can help the kids...

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