About Tucklets

TUCKLETS funds educational, arts, and community projects in support of the students who attend The Overcoming Faith Academy located in the Western Provence of Kenya, East Africa.  The current student population is comprised of 998 orphaned, disadvantaged and extremely destitute children.

TUCKLETS funds the purchase of:

  • classroom materials (books & class supplies);
  • the construction of classroom and school facilities;
  • school uniforms, shoes, socks, and sweaters;
  • a school meals program;
  • medicine/vaccinations and medical supplies for the operation of a school medical clinic.


Philanthropy for Sustainability. Our goal is to empower the programs we support to become Self-Sustaining:

TUCKLETS funds community projects that are specifically designed to empower & uplift members of the local community and enrich an educational program. The ultimate objective of each project is to make a key educational program into a self-sustaining entity.  

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