Medical Challenges


Despite our efforts, we encountered a few problems like lack of teaching and learning supplies. The children suffered health issues like typhoid, malaria, scabies, chicken pox, measles, mumps, coughs, colds, injuries and attacks of bugs most common one bed bugs. We also had lack of children quality beddings, clothing, mosquito nets.

We had three students with special health needs. Fidel, 6 years needed operation for umbilical hernia.  The Schools Director Pastor Alice urgently arranged his surgery immediately she came from the U.S.A. Fidel was discharged from hospital on the 12th of December, 2017 and he is recuperating from Alice’s house.

Jeanel planted a playing stick on the ground with a nail at edge. Unfortunately her guardian mother pulled it out of the ground and the the nail hit Jeanel in the face and injured her eye. Sadly Jeanel’s eye could have been saved if her guardian mother accessed treatment soon enough, but it took her more than 30 hours. She had to walk 30 minutes to board a motorcycle to the hospital to pay for a card to see the doctor and she had to queue. The doctor referred her to another hospital and could only be seen the next day. By then the damage had been done.

Enos, 3 years old complaining of abdominal distention immediately he takes meals and has frequent micturation.

Deborah,  5 years old in pre-unit having arthritis and she goes for an injection for every month which is very expensive.


Fidel P.

Fidel, 6 years needed operation for umbilical hernia.

Deborah A.

Deborah, 5 years old with arthritis.

Fidel P.

Fidel, 6 years being examined at hospital.

Enos M.

3 years in baby class complaining of abdominal distentio.

Pastor Alice

Pastor Alice consoling with Jeanel’s guardian mother.


Pastor Alice with Jeanel and Jeanel’s guardian mother.

 Students also had problems walking long distances to school and back home. Some had to walk for 4 hours in rains, in darkness on barefoot when coming to school. With a broken bridge somewhere in a large catchment area of our student population, it became a big problem to a majority of students to access school through usual route and now had to use a much longer route.

Another challenge was the aftermath of elections with fights that erupted. Some of the guardians refused to stay with the children they lived with citing they would be targeted by the warring tribes. This made more children to be accommodated in the church building and number swelled from 77 to 113 children. It was hard mixing the boys and girls and worse they had to use one bathroom during the entire month.